Table Massage Therapy

Body-Works Therapeutics offers the following types of massage therapy to suit your needs.

Relaxation Massage (Swedish Massage): Uses a system of long strokes, kneading and friction combined with active and passive movements of the joints.

Neuromusclular Therapy: A deep tissue massage that works muscles from origin to insertion and releases neuromuscular trigger points through specifically applied pressure.

Sports Massage: Focusing on the particular muscles relevant to your athletic activity to enhance performance and endurance. Compression of muscles and passive stretching.

Aromatherapy Massage: Relieves stress, improves mood and promotes good health with a special blend of essential oils combined with massage to enhance their effectiveness..

Seated Chair Massage: A way of offering the benefits of massage in public places. The recipient sits fully clothed and the session usually lasts 10 -20 minutes.

Cranio Sacral: A light touch treatment of the dura matter within the cranium, spinal cord and sacrum that releases blockage in the body’s flow of cerebral spinal fluid thus reducing pain and discomfort throughout the body.

Myofascial Release: Releases tight connective tissue throughout the body using specific techniques. This results in increased mobility and flexibility in muscles and joints, reducing pain. Uses no oil.

Thai Massage: see Thai Massage

Oncology Massage: see Oncology Massage

These techniques ordinarily are combined to meet your particular needs.